FlashCrypt is a file encryption and protection program for Windows folders
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FlashCrypt is a file encryption and protection program designed only for Windows systems. It was created to lock any folder with an effective encryption algorithm using 256-bit AES, securing a high level of protection.
Using this application is as easy as selecting a folder from the window explorer file system integrated. You only have to press "Protect with FlashCrypt" and set a password; this creates a locked folder that looks like the original but now with a FlashCrypt logo.
To decrypt and restore folders to the original unprotected state, you only have to unlock them with the password. Additionally, the protection is extended to removable media like CDs. FlashCrypt can also compress files before they are encrypted and added to the locked container saving disk space, or, making them ready to be sent by email or stored on a USB drive.
Password recovery is now available but can only be done by FSPro Labs, not really a convenient option but still good if you ever lose the password. This is possible because the password now is encrypted along with the folder using the RSA algorithm that separates the password from the file.

FlashCrypt allows you to encrypt the contents of any folder or volumes quick and easy and best of all, for free.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Protects folder and volumes
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • File compression


  • Not for Mac
  • When unlocked user must protect the file again
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